StereX Launches Ocean Safe COVID Killing Cleaner

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UK Company, Sirius Technologies, has launched a new antibacterial and antiviral COVID killing cleaner designed to keep yachts and boats protected from the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Although developed for the marine industry, StereX products are safe effective in all commercial and household settings.

The water-based, chlorine-free and non-toxic solutions work in synergy to provide 24/7 protection against contact-transmission bacteria and viruses. This protection covers a range of hard and soft surfaces and is safe to use on precious fabrics.

Already used by some of the world’s biggest yacht chartering companies, the StereX disinfection system consists of two main products. StereX Multi-surface BioBarrier is a long-lasting water-based protective coating which is certified to kill all known coronaviruses and last on surfaces for over 28 days. StereX Multi-surface Sanitiser is an everyday water-based cleaner that is also certified to kill all known coronaviruses upon impact and can be used to top up the BioBarrier in high wear areas.

When used together in a normal cleaning regime, the StereX disinfection products provide unrivalled long-lasting protection which has been independently tested and awarded the EN14476:2013 + A2 2019, EN1276 and EN13697 certifications.

Mark Childs, CEO of Sirius Technologies, said “StereX presents a big leap forward for domestic and commercial cleaners. Before, these products were only capable of cleaning upon application. StereX has been formulated to leave a nanoscopic layer on surfaces which stays active for over 28 days.”

Mark added, “We are immensely proud of this innovation and have worked tirelessly to ensure we can offer these products at pre-pandemic prices.”

To learn more about StereX COVID killing cleaner products, please visit our website.

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StereX products present a big leap forward for domestic & commercial cleaners. Working in synergy, the provide hard & soft surfaces with 24/7 protection against bacteria & viruses including all known coronaviruses.


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